International Dating Guide for Men to Succeed with Foreign Women

Most men may dream of having a foreign affair once upon a time. Maybe you are one of these guys who have thought about dating women native to a country other than your own through international dating sites. The international guide is to leave no excuse, no fear remaining or logical reason standing between you and the women you most want. Here are the quick several steps you can take right now to immediately begin seeing a difference in the type of girls you are meeting and the romantic success you achieve with them.

How to Avoid Online Dating Fraud, Visa Scams, Gold-Diggers & Passport Seekers

You have to know the most common and dominant fear which holds men back from finding love across the globe, it’s the fear of being robbed or worse used for a free ride to a new country. Basically men don’t want to be suckered in to becoming a free-meal-ticket. Fortunately avoiding gold-diggers, cyber criminals and passport seekers is a lot easier than most think and should never be a reason why you refuse to discover love beyond your borders.

The first rule sounds the simplest, yet is violated all too frequently.

Don’t send anyone any money who you haven’t met in person. If you keep your money with you, where it belongs and don’t buy anything for or send money to any person online, you won’t be robbed.

Don’t accept to change a check, bank wire or any other financial deal with any person you only know online, no matter how much you feel you know them.

Make sure that you date lots of women from the same country before deciding to get married. Remember not to marry a woman who won’t be intimate and physical with you before marriage, unless you personally have specific reasons for wanting to do so.

Foreign women are exotic they are not aliens.

Be sure to use common sense don’t rush into a relationship. If you want to marry her, take the time to visit her a few times in her country and have her live with you for a while. These simple steps filter out those foreign women who are looking for a fast exit or free ride.

Now there is a piece of good news is that popular evidence suggests less than 5% of the profiles online are there to trap and scam unsuspecting visitors. Avoid paid international dating sites with expensive per monthly fees, unprofessional looking websites, additional fees to receive a profile and a no-refund policy. More on this will be discussed in Meet the Women further below.

Pick Your Paradise

Unless you often travel to various countries, before meeting women online you should select the country you most want to visit. Meeting women in the same region makes it easier to actually go on real dates. You also only need to focus on picking up the basics of a single language. Pick a country, which has things in common with you. Look for a place you identify with, if you really like the country you will almost certainly love the women.

Meet the Women You Want

Once you have the country you will want to visit. Set up one, two, three or more online dating profiles. Use free social sites or research paid international dating sites with a good reputation. A site like Interracial Match is a wonderful free bridge to women. It is well known around the world and simple.

Make sure you don’t play the big shot when you are setting up your online dating profiles. Give detail but don’t brag and don’t be vague. Put up a few pictures of yourself and be honest about what you are looking for. Then start searching for women who have the characteristics you are looking for and live in the country you picked. When you find one who catches your eye, send her a simple and quick hello message.

Most women with a profile online are educated women full of creative energy, zest for life and are searching to meet a man they can honestly love. When starting your search for international love it can be easy to flip head-over-heals for the first or second lady you meet. Although you may only be communicating electronically, foreign girls draw men in and rock their world.

Pace yourself. Meet several women to avoid any future complications and to gain a better understanding of the culture. Be sure you get a dialogue going with girls from the country where you are traveling at least 3 weeks before you arrive, can certainly start much sooner and you should if possible. You will want to get to know women online. This gives both of you a chance to get to know the other before a face-to-face meeting. It certainly helps the suspense build!

Get to know these girls by taking advantage of technology. Use free video chat and cheap calls with services such as Skype. You can watch movies together, trade videos and lots more.

Finally get yourself a plane ticket and go visit your new girlfriends. Arrange the longest trip you can take. Use this time to further your relationship with the women you have been meeting on international dating sites. Eventually you will meet one or two girls who outshine all the others. Make sure to leave as much extra time as you can to spend with these special women.

It’s time for you to go to international dating sites and make it happen and see for yourself what romance and hidden paradise are waiting for you just beyond your borders.